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Free Parent Workshop: How to Set Loving Limits

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

"How to Set Loving Limits" is a free Parent Workshop designed just for the parents of preschoolers. Sponsored by First Church Preschool.

I find the parents I work with are very aware of what they don't want to do:

bribe, punish, shame, or yell. For good reason! Bribery has been shown through research to be demotivate children, yelling creates fear, and using shame threatens a child's core sense of self. The trouble is, parents aren't sure what to do.

"How to Set Loving Limits" is designed to teach parents how to set a limit that is both kind and firm, which is discipline that actually encourages better behavior. We will do a "deep dive" into the why behind the young child's behavior and I'll teach you useful phrases that are designed to promote cooperation and respect. These techniques are rooted in brain science, and will help parents to feel more confident and happier at home.

In the end you will be able to set limits that will ultimately serve to teach the child the new, more positive behavior instead of simply extinguishing the old one. No yelling required!

Dates: Wednesday, January 15 & 22nd (this is a two part series, plan to attend both)



9:30-11:00 am



6:30-8:00 pm

Located at:

First Church Congregational Preschool of Old Greenwich

108 Sound Beach Ave

Old Greenwich, CT 06870

(Rick's Room)

To attend, RSVP to:

Want to know how to get started on your new plan for your parenting?

Set up a free 20 minute Parent coaching @

This event is sponsored by First Church Preschool and is open to the public.

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