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FREE Parent Workshop on Facebook

Updated: May 13, 2020

“4 Steps to Simplify Parenting & Calm the Crisis”

Facebook Live Wednesday, May 13th at 12 pm EST

4 Steps to Simplify Parenting and Calm the Crisis

Join this special LIVE training on how to get through the current crisis while bringing your family closer together.

This is looking like a marathon, not a sprint. On top of this, many of children’s behaviors are less than optimal. Difficult behaviors are on the rise, which I am sorry to say is normal in these circumstances.

If you want to go from overwhelmed, frustrated, and barely making it through each day, to knowing exactly how to handle any difficult behavior, join me.

In this training, you will -

· Get the words for what to do if you “lose it” with your child (discover how to recover, deepen your connection, and lessen their anxiety)

· Discover how to handle refusal to do schoolwork, put away electronics, follow a schedule that works and more

· Learn THE ROOT CAUSE of your child’s behavior (so you can avoid meltdowns, defiance, and other challenges.)

· Tap into your courageous self to get through this difficult time

· ... and much more

See you there!

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