Do you find it hard to set limits even though you know you need to?


  Do the parenting books wind up
making you more confused?
Would you like a plan to make things better?
You are not alone.
  There's so much out information out there.  It can be really hard to stand tall in the tough times.
But that's exactly what our kids need to feel safe and have the courage to try new things. 

Work with me and:

Feel More Confident.


Learn new ways to get cooperation without using shame, time-outs, threats, yelling or bribes to influence child’s behavior.



Develop Capable children. 

When children feel capable there are fewer power struggles. Get real advice on how to help children develop real skills that they can carry forward into real confidence.   

Feel Happier at home.  

With your new tools you will experience more peaceful relationships with your child and have more joy at home. 

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 I have over 25 years of working with children and families--from babies to middle school students-- in places like Virginia, Mexico City and now here in Connecticut. My experience ranges from classrooms with 8th graders, to group musical experiences with the very young child, to helping adults be better parents. At the core is my belief that parents are the primary teachers, so being a Parent Coach and Educator is the perfect fit for me. My passion is to help parents to feel confident in their choices.



what parents and schools are saying...

 "Emily helped me to work toward my goals for a more productive and supportive relationship with my son. Working with Emily gave me the confidence and tools to meet daily parenting challenges with more patience and a structure for trying out new strategies. I feel like I am no longer "stuck."


Mom in Riverside, CT

I hold the following credentials: 

  • Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education from Loyola College of MD

  • AMI Montessori Teacher

  • Music Together Teacher

  • Positive Discipline Parent Educator

  • Certified Coach, Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in process

  • Facilitator, Parents in Action (NYC)

  • Facilitator, The Biggest Job Parent Seminar, Hyde School, ME

  • Proud mom of two girls ages 11 & 17



I have led workshops to parents and teachers

at the following locations:




This 6 week online training will teach you to:  

  • Cope with your young child's strong emotions

  • Feel confident in your abilities 

  • Connect with your child while still setting limits 

  • Encourage your child to feel capable and have the courage

      to try new things 

  • Create a life at home that's more enjoyable, peaceful and respectful for everyone 

  • Coming soon!



Confident Parents,

Capable Kids




option 1




There are a great many books out there, but what busy parent has time to read them? Book Talks are a great opportunity to hear from the experts in brain science and child development. It is never necessary to read the book in order to attend a Book Talk! Schools and community groups love this option as it allows them to tailor their parent education to the needs of their community. Lively discussions ensue as we explore what it means to parent with the whole brain in mind.





What is Parent Coaching? We begin with the fact that no one is a perfect parent, and there are no easy answers. In the end it's about the relationship between the parent and the child. Children who feel connected to their parents have fewer reasons to rebel.

Parent coaching is a confidential, judgement-free space to share. Together we'll dive into what the present problems might be about--is it about transitions? do limits need setting? are there power struggles? We will unpack it, and I’ll give you strategies to try. Together we design a parenting plan designed for you. Change is possible. It happens every day. 


"The most powerful, meaning-making moments in our relationship with our children...happen in the most imperfect moments,"

Brene Brown, PhD.


Let's face it, knowing what to do when everyone is upset takes some skill. Because being a parent requires us to be the person we want our children to become, it makes sense to take a deep dive with professional coaching to figure out your parenting plan.

As you know better, you can do better. 

Let's partner up to make things better.